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View the list of NGOs under UNFPA Country Office in Nepal
Application form for NGO Accreditation with UNFPA Country Office in Nepal
Company Name :
Contact Person :
Contact Address :
Phone Number :
Fax Number :
Email Address :
Website (if any) :
Legal Status under which the organization operates in Nepal and registration details :
List of national constitutions :
Management Structure of organization :
Number of paid staff and volunteers :
Professional/Technical Capacity :
What type of professionals does your organization mostly use :
Short profile of your organization's professional staff/associates :
Information on major programmes/projects or activities executed/implemented by your organization related to population issues in the last 3 years :
Experiences of organization under the fololowing :
  Linkages and networking with other NGOs/organization :
  Addressing gender issues :
  Monitoring and evaluation of project activities :
Financial Management of the organization
  Financial Manual :
  Banking Information :
  External and Internal Audit System :
Information on main funding sources for last 3 years and amount of funding received per source in each fiscal year :
Administrative Support Service :
Information on infrastructure/assets :
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